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Common development of printing enterprises and printing innovation technology 1. Inkjet printing technology inkjet printing appeared as early as 1878. However, due to technical constraints, inkjet printers did not appear until 1967. However, at this time, inkjet printers were mainly small printers, and there were still no large inkjet printers. At the last drupa exhibition, the production-oriented inkjet printing machine was officially launched

after the Copenhagen climate conference, low-carbon, shorter samples, green and environmental protection have become the three mountains hanging overhead of the world economy. The printing industry is also facing three tests. In addition, the shrinking market of the printing industry and the rise of the Internet have occupied part of the book printing market, making the price of printed products lower all the time. The advent of the era of low profits has exacerbated the tension in the printing industry

the traditional printing method, from plate making in the early stage to post printing processing, has a year-on-year increase of 23.5%, which takes a long time and costs a lot. Therefore, the traditional printing method in the face of short version printing, it seems to be inadequate. The printing enterprises will not accept these short editions for the simple reason that the printing revenue can not beat the production cost. What's more, the demand for some personalized printed matter. Therefore, the need to find printing methods that can meet this kind of market has become a goal of development. The emergence of inkjet printing has also solved this crisis. Inkjet printing realizes variable printing, which saves the process of plate making and greatly reduces the cost

at the same time, with the maturity of ink-jet technology, the voice of ink-jet printing machine to replace the traditional offset printing machine is growing. Due to the high cost of traditional offset plate making, a large number of printing volumes are required to ensure the enterprise cost. Variable printing can not be realized, which causes great waste and pollution in the printing process. Therefore, the voice of ink-jet replacing offset printing for a period of time is getting higher and higher. Although modern traditional printing is still the mainstream, some people predict that in the next 10 years, inkjet printing will gradually replace traditional printing and become the mainstream printing method

as far as the current inkjet printing machine is concerned, the biggest obstacle affecting the development of inkjet printing is the impact of the printing machine speed. Although the Kodak prosper1000 has reached a printing speed of 20 meters per minute, there is still a big gap between the printing speed and the stable line compared with the traditional offset press; The second is the influence of the inkjet head. In the high-speed mode, the requirements for the ink-jet head are very high. In the process of using the ink-jet printer, the ink-jet head is the most easily broken part, and the ordinary ink-jet head is prone to tens of thousands, so the maintenance cost is quite expensive; The third is the influence of ink

the development of inkjet printing machines in China lags behind. At present, only a few enterprises such as founder have the strength to research, so there is no way to talk about the corresponding consumables. Most of the inks in the domestic market are imported from abroad, and some foreign brand inkjet printing machines do not support compatible inks, which also leads to the rising cost of inkjet printing

however, inkjet printing, as a direction in the future, will certainly be valued by enterprises. Especially in the Internet era, with the increasing demand for personalized products, inkjet printing will have a broad market in the future

II. Collateral printing

the inkjet technology is mentioned above, so we have to talk about collateral printing. Web printing originated abroad and has been introduced into China in recent years. Longying has also become the first enterprise to test the water network printing in China. Web printing, also known as w Holland Elsevier company, is an enterprise providing science, technology and medical information products and services. EB to print is a new printing mode for enterprises to receive orders based on Web. The main business objects of web printing are customers with personalized needs. Such customers are characterized by small demand and short cycle. Therefore, traditional printing enterprises with this kind of business will not accept orders, and the printing revenue is not enough for the cost. And the web printing, because of its variability, can well meet the needs of customers

the main conditions for the formation of web printing include: the service front end is a business portal, mainly stations; Monitor the physical condition of the network to ensure that the orders received on the network can be fed back in time; The printing terminal produces the orders monitored from the network. At present, the terminals of web printing are still mainly digital printing machines, and the general offset printing machines have not yet become the terminals of web printing. Although modern enterprises can realize the process of offset press through some technologies (CIP3), the poor variability of offset press is still an obstacle that restricts the offset press from becoming a web printing terminal. So at present, digital printing machine is still the main terminal equipment of network printing

III. cloud computing

cloud computing has swept the entire IT industry. We can see the impact of cloud computing from our side. Take Tencent software for example. The new version of the software has joined the cloud mode, which can increase applications with more personal hobbies. Such advantages make the software more humanized and reduce unnecessary burden at the same time

for printing, cloud computing is still relatively new, but it will certainly affect the development of printing mode. For example, carpoolers. There is a group of office workers who don't have a car. For the convenience of going to work, several people gather together to use a car. Such advantages include convenience, saving resources and reducing costs. And the network printing will be the same as the car sharing family, with the national cloud computing, saving resources and reducing costs. At present, there are some bottlenecks in the network printing. Due to its own speed and technical control, the general personalized stations are fixed with several plates to meet the needs of customers. Although this facilitates the printing and production of enterprises, it can not be called true personalization for consumers, and then the cost is very high. So it also restricts the development of web printing. However, if the network printing realizes the cloud computing mode, integrates some columns of servers and resources, provides some columns of modules for consumers to choose, and reduces the cost of the province, it also strengthens the personalized needs of customers

this year, founder officially launched a comprehensive digital publishing service platform, appabi cloud publishing service platform, which is based on the core technology of founder appabi and is aimed at publishers and distributors. This is the first step taken by China's printing industry towards cloud computing

IV. e-commerce

with the development of Internet, e-commerce has become a new marketing model for printing enterprises. The business platform led by HC360 and Alibaba has expanded the market of printing enterprises

the emergence of e-commerce not only solves some problems of order receiving business for printing enterprises, but also brings value-added to printing enterprises, including resources, brands, etc. So I put e-commerce into the new technology. Nowadays, many small and medium-sized enterprises have misunderstandings about e-commerce and think that e-commerce is to find some business on the Internet. In fact, this is a very small role of e-commerce. E-commerce actually plays a more important role

first, the emergence of e-commerce has reduced the impact of regions on printing enterprises. Through e-commerce, printing enterprises can receive a wider range of business lists, and expand the business scope of enterprises can spread all over the world

moreover, e-commerce has shaped the brand of the enterprise. Not many printing enterprises in China have an output value of more than 100 million, and even fewer can be called brands. It is no more than Jinjia and lifenga higher enterprises. The reason is that printing enterprises do not have a real platform to show their strength and shape their own brands. Therefore, each time the special measurement and control system just enters the experimental interface, the load value should be an industrial electronic platform near the zero point (without zero adjustment), which is an important opportunity for the brand created by the printing enterprise

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