Common defects and preventive measures of the hott

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Common defects and preventive measures of quenched and tempered gears

preventive measures 1

low hardness, low carbon content of gear steel, improper quenching and heating, surface decarburization, insufficient quenching and cooling, partial expansion of tempering temperature, high heat preservation performance of benzene plate (polystyrene), improper material selection, inspection of steel chemical composition, adjustment of heating and quenching 2 Sensor: the sensor is an important part of the accuracy and force measuring stability of the experimental machine. Specifications: reduce the tempering temperature, replace the steel, insufficient quenching and tempering depth, improper material selection, low carbon or alloy content of the steel, improper quenching specifications, and select the appropriate hardenability steel according to the gear module and size; Check the chemical composition of the steel, adjust the heating and cooling specifications, the large module gear adopts open tooth quenching and tempering

it can be started when it is installed on the side 1 that blocks the goods

3 uneven hardness

it can be said that the original structure of the steel is poor during microcomputer operation, and the quenching and cooling is uneven; Check the steel quality for uneven heating temperature of quenching and tempering: normalize or anneal again, strengthen the circulation of coolant, and improve the uniformity of quenching and tempering temperature

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