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Autumn is about to pass, and the pace of winter is no longer far away from us. Friends who are decorating are still facing such problems. Today, Xiaobian will take you into the simple style of northern Europe and experience the warmth of northern European home decoration in the cold climate

the minimalist table and chair design can hardly see any redundant structure. Sofa, cushion, cushion and green plants bring a sense of comfort. Minimalism and comfort are the perfect combination in the eyes of Nordic people

the lighting in the room is excellent. And the top, wall and ground of the room are completely free of patterns and pattern decoration, and only lines and color blocks are used to distinguish and decorate. It emphasizes the comfort of simplicity, directness, functionality and closeness to nature

the windows in the living room are relatively open, with almost no shelter, which is also convenient for the sun to fully shine into the room and increase the lighting of the whole space. At the same time, the full sense of light also makes the floor and walls seem to warm up

log floors, tables and chairs are equipped with simple furniture and white walls to read the simple atmosphere. Using some simple and soft lamps as embellishments can make the whole space soft and even, and more convey a warm atmosphere




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