Comparison of balcony guardrail categories

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Balcony guardrail category comparison

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balcony guardrail has many kinds of materials, each of which has different characteristics. What is the difference between aluminum balcony guardrail and brick guardrail

the natural surface oxidation resistance of aluminum materials brings more options to the surface treatment process. Aluminum fence products need to meet the requirements of different consumer groups because of their high artistry and vision. Therefore, the requirements for surface treatment technology are relatively high. At present, aluminum products commonly used in the market are divided into outdoor environment and indoor environment

brick guardrails are characterized by small blocks, and the compressive strength is much greater than the tensile strength, torsional strength and shear strength. Brick walls are undoubtedly the most used materials in traditional Chinese construction projects. However, due to the destruction of a large number of high-quality land in the production process of clay bricks, which has buried great hidden dangers for the long-term development of the country, there have been guardrails built or assembled with various new materials

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