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In many cases, house decoration will involve "robbing Peter to pay Paul". So, which decoration needs to be cautious from the perspective of Feng Shui? Dr. Zheng continues to remind friends about this problem today:

first, is it appropriate to connect two adjacent houses into one house

answer: Dr. Zheng once surveyed a house and made three houses into one house. But friends must understand that once you get through two or more adjacent houses, all Feng Shui patterns have changed. Because, from the perspective of geomantic omen, every house has its nine house theory. If it becomes a big house, its nine house theory will also change, and all auspicious and evil sides will be different

second, how about I get through the houses upstairs and downstairs and become upstairs and downstairs

some friends also believe that if the house upstairs and downstairs is connected and becomes upstairs and downstairs, the change of the nine palaces will be small, and there should be no problem. In fact, Dr. Zheng reminded friends that when the houses upstairs and downstairs are connected, other aspects of the situation will also change. Therefore, we also need to be cautious. It's best to invite professionals to make a comprehensive analysis and judgment through investigation and in combination with your own destiny

third, what Feng Shui details should be analyzed for the house after opening up

if the house is used for office, it should be analyzed in combination with the leaders of the company; If you live by yourself, you need to analyze it in combination with the fate of the main people in your family. Generally speaking, Dr. Zheng believes that the internal geomantic conditioning of houses has always been one of the geomantic layouts we need to care about most. The internal geomantic conditioning of houses emphasizes life and health, and attaches importance to wealth and fortune, both of which are indispensable. Therefore, whether it is a house for enterprises and institutions or a personal residence, the Feng Shui conditioning inside the house after opening up should pay attention to the following points:

1. Determine the sitting direction of the house: it mainly depends on whether the sitting direction is appropriate. If the sitting direction is prosperous, it will be auspicious, and if the sitting direction is declining, it will be vicious

2. Divide the astrolabe of house and house matching: determine the basic astrolabe and current astrolabe of house and house according to the flying stars of the nine palaces

there are 3 pages in total. Page 1: 123 next page 3. Determine the water location: any house or even room has the water location. Only after knowing the water location can we determine others

4. Determine the position of the God of wealth: the position of the God of wealth is divided into the bright god of wealth and the dark god of wealth, and there are many different ways to distinguish it

5. Determine the location of the mountain: the location of the mountain is also an important part of Feng Shui layout, which should also be correctly judged

6. Determine the main auspicious position: it is mainly the four auspicious aspects of housing

7. Determine the main culprits: mainly the four culprits of housing

8. Adjust the corresponding structure: for houses with missing corners and knife handles, their physical spatial structure needs to be adjusted accordingly

9. Add feng shui supplies: Please "welcome" feng shui supplies according to the actual situation

10. Choose the right time to place feng shui supplies: placing feng shui supplies requires paying attention to the right time and necessary procedures

finally, Dr. Zheng reminded friends that in many cases, the decoration of houses, whether they live or work by themselves, requires our attention. You can't start construction as soon as you feel appropriate. It should be analyzed according to the geophysics principle of Feng Shui; In addition, Dr. Zheng would also like to remind friends that even if the open house meets the requirements, they should also pay attention to choosing a date on the day when the construction starts, otherwise, the construction is not suitable for the date, which will also bring unexpected trouble in the future

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the new year is coming. Many friends may buy new houses this year, and some friends want to redecorate their homes and have a new look. These are all necessary. When it comes to decoration, you can't help talking about feng shui. Some friends always want to find a simple and easy Feng Shui layout method, so that they can solve the decoration Feng Shui problem simply and conveniently. However, this is impossible. Every home has its own unique "temperament" and "aura". It is difficult for us to use a unified standard to implement it. We can only talk about Feng Shui on a case by case basis

home feng shui, to put it simply and popularly, is to stay at home to make yourself comfortable and relieved, to make your family comfortable and relieved, and when you feel comfortable physically and mentally, your luck will naturally get better. It's hard to say enough about home decoration. Here are some things that deserve special attention for friends, which are also some basic principles that need to be grasped, and some inspirations and reminders for friends who want to decorate

I. think more about redecorating

many friends got the key to their new house and couldn't wait to live in it. So they hurried to find a decoration company or decoration team. After jingle 25, they bought furniture and enjoyed their new house. But after a while, they found that it was inappropriate here and inconvenient there. It was awkward for them to live there, not to mention flourishing luck. God bless them if they didn't bring disaster. After all, the new house has to live for a long time, and the spiritual and material resources of myself and my family have also been poured into it. If it cannot be properly decorated, it will certainly greatly affect the family's luck. I believe that many friends will quarrel with each other because of the decoration problem, right

so when you get your new house, don't rush to decorate it hastily. You must think more, observe more and compare more, plan well, unify the opinions of your family, and then start the decoration. Of course, it is better to have professional Feng Shui teachers and designers to participate. This is the most important suggestion. Please pay attention to it, because once the house is decorated, it will be repaired and repaired again, and the troubles and losses will be very painful

second, pay attention to pattern setting

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