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Anada waste acid utilization new technology has entered the stage of patent application

in terms of comprehensive utilization of waste acid, through technological innovation, anada company has developed "a method for producing calcium carbonate from titanium dioxide waste acid" and "a method for comprehensive utilization of transfer kiln tail gas and dilute sulfuric acid from titanium dioxide production by sulfuric acid method"

the former has obtained the national invention patent, while the latter has entered the verification stage of patent application. The waste acid produced in the production of the latter adopts the design oscillator, as shown in Figure 2. It is recovered by the non gate oscillation Sean filtration technology, and then concentrated by the waste heat of the tail gas of the calcining kiln. After concentration, part of the waste acid is used by itself, mixed with concentrated sulfuric acid for acidolysis, and part is provided to the phosphate fertilizer enterprise as the raw material for the production of calcium superphosphate. The by-product ferrous is provided through social cooperation, It has been widely used as iron series pigment and raw material of water treatment products for more than one year. It has an average annual growth rate of 39.8% with Tongguanshan chemical industry, and has formed a circular economy industrial chain through long-term stable and mutually beneficial cooperation

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