Starmer tells Britain it has a choice- good govern

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Starmer tells Britain it has a choice: 'good government' under Labour or 'failed ideology' under the Tories - Today News Post Today News || UK News

KEIR Starmer will today insist Britain faces a choice between a Labour future based on security and opportunity or the Conservatives’ failed ideology that represents a “roadmap to yesterday”transmission rates by mid-May to late June, depending o.

And in a keynote address ahead of the March 3 Budget, the Labour leader will set out a vision of a “new partnership” between a future government under his leadership and the business communityhealth-care practitioners and representatives fro, which “tackles inequalityArticleThirdBigBox, invests in the future and builds a more secure and prosperous economy”.

The speech appears to have echoes of New Labour’s determined attempt to combine social justice with economic prudence and marks another step away from the radical left-wing socialism of Jeremy Corbyn.

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